Victoria Town Planning Portfolio

At Victoria Town Planning we help our clients successfully navigate each step of the statutory planning process transforming their plans into permits. Swee’s vast experience means he has a deep understanding of what is sometimes a complex process. He also has established valuable contacts and networks enabling him to more effectively and swiftly navigate his way through the town planning process and to achieve positive outcomes for his private clients.

Planning Policy Framework | Infrastructure Planning | Regional Planning

Statutory Planning

Planning Permit applications.
Swee Lim, our leading town planning consultant, has worked on a diverse range of local and state government statutory and strategic projects in metropolitan and regional Victoria throughout his long career as outlined in the table below.

Strategic Planning

Planning scheme reviews and amendments.
We assess and review planning schemes, propose and implement amendments and make submissions on behalf of clients for permits and or changes to strategic planning policy within existing planning schemes. The following table provides a glimpse of the range of strategic planning projects we have worked on.