From Plans to Permits and Changes to Planning Scheme Policy

At Victoria Town Planning we help our clients successfully navigate each step of the statutory planning process transforming their plans into permits. We also make submissions on behalf of clients for permits and or changes to strategic planning policy within existing planning schemes.

Town planning permit applications | Town Planning Policy | VCAT advocacy

Planning Approvals

  • Planning Permit Applications – A planning permit is a legal document that allows a certain use and / or development of land. It normally contains a written document with mandatory conditions and a set of plans. Most planning permit applications are submitted to local councils, but some require approval from the Minister for Planning.
  • Combined Planning Permit Applications – Includes all the above plus amendments to planning scheme policy.
  • Subdivision Applications – A planning permit application to subdivide land.
  • Rural Housing – A planning permit application to use and develop rural land for a dwelling.
  • Advertising Signage – A planning permit application to erect advertising and or promotional signage.
  • Change of Use Application – A planning permit application to change the use of land to accommodate another use/new use, for example, use a dwelling in a residential area as a medical centre/clinic.
  • Section 173 Agreements.
  • Removal of Covenant and Easements.

Victoria Town Planning can lodge all planning approval applications on behalf of clients.

Planning Policy

  • Planning Scheme Amendment
  • Rezoning
  • Land Development Plans


  • Advise and represent clients at VCAT (Tribunal) for review of planning decision by Responsible Authorities.
  • Advise and represent clients in panel hearings to review the policy decisions of planning authorities.

You can avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs and secure the best possible outcome for your town planning application.